Holiday to Singapore

Holiday to Singapore, maybe now is something that is not hard to do with a difference of 5 or 10 years ago where the various provisions of the terms and provisions making it difficult to travel in Singapore , but now we can easily enjoy all the attractions provided by neighbors we are in Singapore.



Singapore , known as Singapura , is a country whose size is much smaller than Indonesia, which is located adjacent to Indonesia . but the small size is not an issue for Singapore is able to make the country become one of the best tourist destination by tourists from all over the world .

One reason Singapore into a tourist destination is the harmony of the various cultures that come together in the country , namely Malay , Indian , Chinese , Indonesian , and even western culture such as America , Britain , and Europe . a result of the cultural diversity it gives birth to a unique community that develops the country such as culture , customs , food , traditions , and lifestyle .

The number of tourists visiting Singapore circumvented by various parties and investors by building hotels and apartments are rented on a daily basis as a place to stay for tourists who enjoy the beautiful and unique country is Singapore, so lets go Holiday to Singapore.


Lucky Plaza Apartment Daily Rental

Lucky Plaza Apartment

2002 12 05 Orchard road in SingaporeLucky Plaza Apartment are the most famous apartment in Singapore. Having many rooms with several types that can accommodate you in your holiday in Singapore.

Lucky Plaza Apartment Surrounded by many famous shopping malls in Orchard Road such as Tangs, Wisma Atria, Takashimaya and Paragon Mall. also for the best transportation the Orchard MRT is just accross the street.

In Lucky Plaza Apartment you may rent 1 single unit that can accommodate up to 12 people, with price S$500/unit consists of 4 rooms or 2 of 2 double bedrooms apartment that can accommodate up to 7 people for $380/night

All prices may be changed without prior notice. Surcharge about S$30-60 will be applied during peak season: School Holidays, Idul Fitri Holidays, Christmas & New Year Holidays and Chinesse New Year.


Room 1D

Economy room with only 1 queen sized for 2 adults, equipped with AC.

This type have no private bathroom.

Price: SGD 130 per night


Room 2S

Economy room with 2 single sized beds for 2 adults only, equipped with AC and have no private bathroom.

Price: SGD 130 per night


Room 2D

2 queen sized beds can accommodate 4 adults.

Room is equipped with AC, TV and small fridge and have no private bathroom.

Price: SGD 160 per night

R9-2 Room 2D2 queen sized beds can accommodate 4 addults.Room is equipped with AC, TV and small fridge, have no private bathroomPrice S$160/night

Room 2DB

2 queen sized beds can accommodate 4 adults, equipped with AC, TV, small fridge and private bathroom inside.

Price: SGD 210 per night


Centrepoint Apartments Daily Rental

Centrepoint Apartments Daily Rental offer special rooms rented daily for tourists who visit Singapore in a short time with low prices and a convenient location. One area is the famous Orchard Road in Singapore, where we can find a variety of shops and well-known restaurant that pampers our taste, in this area there is a well-known apartments the most frequently visited by the The famous tourist with a daily rental at a cheap price.

Centrepoint Apartments Daily Rental

These are the rooms that we provide on a daily rental apartments Centrepoint:

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

- 1 Queen Bed size (2 orang)

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

- 2 Queen Bed size (4 orang)

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

- 2 Queen Bed size (4 orang)

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

- 2 Queen Bed size (4 orang)

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

Centrepoint Apartemen Sewa Harian Murah

- 2 Queen Bed size (4 orang)
- Inside Bathroom

Here Map and Estimated Costs for trip to centrepoint apartments:

Peta Apartemen Centrepoint

Peta Apartemen Centrepoint

Apartemen Centrepoint

Apartemen Centrepoint


Vacation in Singapore

Vacation in singapore

vacation in singapore

vacation in singapore

Now, traveling outside the country in general and to Singapore (Singapore or Singapore) in particular, cost is almost the same as a vacation in the country because of the tax-free for those who have a TIN, and also the number of budget airlines which opens direct route to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Although there are differences in cost but not sesignifikan before, so the trip to Singapore to be a reasonable option to consider. I want to share advice to friends who have never been to Singapore, so friends will have a better planned and preparation can enjoy these holidays.

Vacation in Singapore is a pretty good experience as study materials for us to live more orderly, clean and disciplined. Many of my friends, including my own, when returning to the country can feel a huge difference, so the mind-set we will also differ regarding the cleanliness, orderliness and discipline after returning to the Fatherland.

Below are some suggestions before your vacation in Singapore:

Prepare the budget to suit your financial condition. Things that must go into planning costs include:

  • Air tickets
  • Lodging
  • Local Transportation from home – Singapore – home (prepare about 10-20 SGD per person per 3 days for local transportation with the MRT and buses in Singapore)
  • Airport Tax (for Singapore is usually included into the plane ticket)
  • The cost city tour and admission to attractions (prepare around SGD 50-100 per person).
  • Plan to shop

First flight is the best option to fly to Singapore because of the relatively short travel time (1 hour 45 minutes), so that when he arrived in Singapore, you still can spend all day to get around downtown. When home, choose the last flight, so you still have time to get around Singapore before flying back to Indonesia.

Choose accommodation during their stay in Singapore prior to departure. Large selection of hotels in Singapore, ranging from jasmine class up to 5 star. many of my friends who use rental apartment near Orchard Road are fairly competitive price. For those who like the feel of the hotel and have a limited budget, choose a 3 or 4 star hotels are not in the business or commercial district because the price is relatively affordable. Stay at the family or friends is also an option but the importance of privacy, this is not recommended.

Buy Singapore Dollar (SGD) from Indonesia due to the exchange rate of the rate is cheaper than if we buy SGD in Singapore.

Arriving at Changi Airport, take a map of Singapore which is provided free at the airport and start reading because it will be very useful to get around Singapore in the future. There are several modes of transportation to get to downtown, one of the MRT. If you do not carry baggage is too heavy, you can use the MRT because the cost is cheaper than using a taxi (SGD 20-30 each way). If you arrive early morning, try to rest and sleep 2-3 hours in advance to recover the bodies after a journey from the Fatherland.

Nearing lunch, try to start the tour by buying a MRT card that can be used at once for the bus because it’s cheaper than using a taxi.

First, go to  Lau Pa Sat, the food court-style colonial architecture, located in the Financial District. This place can be reached from Orchard Road by bus or MRT. Many food options there, including kosher food (do not hesitate to ask.)

After lunch, many tourist destinations around the Lau Pa Sat. You can walk into the Sir Raffles Landing Site (where Sir Stamford Raffles first set foot in Singapore), then you can follow the Singapore River Tour.

The next destination is Singapore Bridge and Clifford Pier to see the Merlion (Singapore state symbol is the statue of a lion-headed fish). Towards Esplanade (durian shaped opera house) is only about 300 m which can be reached only by foot. From there, you can go to Old Parliament House, Padang, City Hall, Raffless City and then Raffless Hotel is within walking distance of the foot as well. Prepare a towel and mineral water are adequate, you are to unwind during the tour of the existing cafes along the route from Lau Pa Sat last and enjoy the atmosphere while you are there.

By late afternoon, you can go to Bugis Junction, Asr prayers at Masjid Sultan or shopping at Mustafa Centre, Little India. Mustafa Center is a one-stop shopping center known telatif prices cheaper than other places in Singapore. At the Mustafa Center, you can shop souvenirs, ranging from knick-knacks Singapore, assorted chocolates, electronic goods to jewelry. You can enjoy Indian food around the Mustafa Center, only with less than SGD 10, you will get a portion of that very much, even for 2 adults. If you are not tired, walk from Orchard Road towards Little India. Along the road in Little India will be widely available jewelry stores that can be ‘entertainment’ for as long as you walk. On Orchard Road, you can Maghrib or ‘Isha Prayer at Masjid Al-Falah.

The second day, take a lot of breakfast, so you get enough energy to get around Singapore a day. Once again, use the MRT or bus to get around Singapore because the cost is relatively cheaper. Sentosa Island, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Botanical Garden is the recommended choice to visit. By late afternoon, you can visit the China Town, because there will begin crowded early evening.

The third day, enjoy yourself shopping along Orchard Road near your home departure. Do not forget to check out hotel before 12:00 hours of day and Leave your baggage at the concierge. After a satisfying shopping, take time at least 2 hours before your flight at Changi Airport to just get around or go shopping there again.

Enjoy your trip and vacation.


My Singapore Holiday

My Singapore Holiday

my singapore holiday Singapore is a city state covering an area no bigger than Jakarta. You do not need a tour guide in order to explore Singapore and even on your first visit though. Public transportation is cheap and convenient are the mainstay of Singapore to attract tourists. Find the most morning flights to Singapore and the afternoon to return from Singapore so you enough time to explore Singapore in 4 days 3 night, so here is my singapore holiday.

Day 1

my singapore holiday Arrive at Changi International Airport or the Port of Harbourfront, you straight to the inn. You can start your journey towards Raffles landing site to try the Singapore Cruise, that trip down the Singapore river. Afterwards you can go to enjoy Singapore from a height with the rise Spore Flyer. You can spend time in this area, or if msih allows you to visit the Asian Civilization Museum. Arriving at dinner, you can go to Suntec City while shopping at the area’s largest underground mall in Singapore. At 20.00 do not forget the time to watch the fountain attraction is accompanied with music and laser: Wealth of Fountain.

Day 2

my singapore holiday In the morning after breakfast, you can visit the Singapore Zoo. Do not compare with Singapore Zoo Safari Park, as the Singapore Zoo is very small, here you can feel the atmosphere of a different zoo, looking at a fairly complete collection of wildlife. From Singapore Zoo, you can go to enjoy a shopping tour. Singapore has a lot of shopping, Orchard Road or to Bugis to shop for cheap souvenirs, or Sim Lim Square for your gadget enthusiast (but sssttt in Glodok price …. still cheaper!). Or you can visit Mustafa Centre, shopping is open 24 hours and provide all kinds of goods. For those of you who do not want to spend time for shopping, you can do Walking Tour. You can choose Little India or China Town, afterwards you can enjoy dinner at the food street, Maxwell Road in Chinatown or Indian restaurant in Little India.

Day 3

oddessey In my Singapore holiday Today you have the choice to spend a day at Sentosa Island or half days. If you plan to spend a full day, then you can circle the island began to enjoy the rides of the game, watching the show, enjoy the beach or the gardens there. But if you just want a half-day course, choose the packages available will usually be cheaper. When finished enjoy Sentosa Island, you can go visit the Singapore Botanic Garden or the National Orchid Garden. Then at night you can also try the Museum Tour. Singapore Art Museum free admission every Friday from 18:00 to 21:00 hours or the Singapore Living Gallery at the National Museum of Singapore which is open until 21:00 hours and free admission starting at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Day 4

my singapore holiday Today we recommend you take a walk around the inn you just waiting for your departure time. If you stay at the Orchard area, then you can spend time at Lucky Plaza or shopping along Orchard Road. Or you can leave several hours early, if you go through it while waiting for departure Batam Ferry, you can stroll at Vivo City, the mall adjacent to the Harbourfront, and you can leave your luggage in daycare at Harbourfront. If you go through Changi Airport, of course you can also spend time with a look-see or shop at the Transit Mall.

Thank you for reading my singapore holiday.


Guidebook Holiday to Singapore

holiday to singapore

holiday to singapore

Now this vacation to Foreign Affairs has not a monopoly of the rich, according to the slogan of one low-cost airlines: “now everyone can fly” go on holiday abroad can be done by anyone.
Singapore, our neighboring country does have a special attraction for the citizens of Indonesia, even travelers from Indonesia was ranked first in number of visits to Singapore.

Here is the itinerary suggestions for those who want the first time holiday to Singapore for a vacation of course. Oh yes, you should choose the most morning flights and flights from Jakarta in the afternoon / evening from Singapore so that you have enough time to explore Singapore. Let us begin ….

Day 1 holiday to Singapore
If you go with the morning flight from Jakarta, then approximately 10-an-hour you’ve arrived at Changi Airport. You should go directly to your hotel or inn to check in and store your luggage (I assume you’re staying at the Orchard Area). Then you can walk to the Singapore Visitor Centre, not until 10 minutes from the LP or CP, there is next to Duck and Hippo Tours & Sightseeing Tourist Information. Buy Singapore Sightseeing Pass S $ 33. Then walked to the bus stop to wait for the hippo that will take you to Suntec. The bus is very typical, rise with the roof open. With the purchase Spore sightseeing pass, you can ride down this bus for 2 days and can take 5 different tours available.

holiday to singapore

holiday to singapore

Arrive at Suntec, you change your city tour bus to follow. You can stop at places along the route you want this city tour. Our first stop could Merlion Park, places its icon Spore: “The Merlion”. You can the pictures here. Around here, you can visit the Asian Civilization Museum, the Esplanade, Supreme Court, Parliament House, etc.. Once you are satisfied you can return to the bus stop to wait for a passing Hippo. Oh yes do not forget to use hippo stickers provided in your clothes so you do not need to show a ticket every time you ride the bus. Clarke Quay is the next stop is to follow the Hippo river cruise. While waiting for the river cruise, you can walk around Clarke Quay. This place is crowded at night. You can visit Clarke Quay at night by following the Moonlight Advanture. Of course, I advise you to follow this tour because it is included in Spore Pass you buy. Do not forget to register yourself in when you arrive at Suntec before you begin the City Tour, because places are limited (only 1 bus that departed for the tour tonight.) After finishing down the river Spore, you can go back waiting for the bus again and headed for the Botanic Garden. After a look around here, you take the bus back again towards Suntec. Prior to Suntec, buses will pass through Orchard Road, my advice you should skip it and go straight to Suntec for Moonlight Advanture which begins at 18.00.

holiday to singapore

holiday to singapore

Moonlight Advanture started by visiting Sentosa Island to watch Song of the Sea.Actually, this event does not really spectacular, but it was tolerable. For those of you who want to watch Song of the Sea then you should mebayar another S $ 8 (if you buy Spore Tours & Attractions distinguished worth S $ 63 then you do not have to pay again *). But for you who do not want to watch, you can walk roads around Sentosa until the show finished. After the show finished, you will be taken towards Bugis, you are given 15 minutes to explore this place. It’s time given the narrow, see-see wrote first because you can come back the next day when, following the Heritage Tour.From Bugis you to Clarke Quay this afternoon you visit to river cruise. The atmosphere will be different once. From here, buses will take you to the Orchard, I suggest you stop here and go back to the apartment. Finish your tour is the first day, and you’ve completed the 3 tours: City Tour, Hippo River Cruise, and Moonlight Advanture!

Day 2 holiday to Singapore, you will return by bus Hippo. Like yesterday, you can take a bus from Orchard to Suntec. Morning you should visit Sentosa Sentosa using Rhino which departed at 10 am. You also will incur Island Admission is S $ 2. Estimate up to what time you want to spend time at Sentosa and adjust with keberangkaran bus to Suntec again.My advice is do not be too late because you have not followed the Heritage Tour. At Sentosa, a vehicle that I can just recomend Lug and Sky Ride, The Merlion and the Tiger Sky Tower. Although this is all not that good but it’s worth a try, you are right again on vacation. For other vehicles up to you alone. Once satisfied at Sentosa, Sentosa Rhino bus back waiting to take you back to Suntec. Btw, for Sentosa Rhino, you just free tranportation only (free admission fee for the purchase Spore Tours & Attractions *), so to enjoy the rides on Sentosa you are forced to spend money again.Just take the package, because the fall can be cheaper. For information about the package you can ask your Tour Guide.

holiday to singapore

holiday to singapore

Arriving at Suntec, you go back to change buses to attend the Heritage Tour. Like the City Tour, you can also stop, up and down in places you want along the route Heritage Tour. His name is also the Heritage Tour, then you can estimate yourself will definitely pass through the places that smelled so deh culture. like a temple, heritage centers, etc.. If you do not much like, then you do not have to get off the bus, just enjoy the trip alone, a bus will take you through Little India, Bugis, Kampong Glam, Arab Street, Chinatown, and finally back to Suntec. At Heritage Tour route could be recommended is probably the Mustafa Centre shopping 24 hours, all of them there. Bugis Street, Singapore leg of his five, if you want a better souvenir shopping here more cheaply, and Maxwell Road in Chinatown to enjoy dinner sidewalk along this street. If you stop by, try to stop by at 8 am already back to Suntec to watch pertujukan Wealth of Fountain. After this you can go back to the apartment by using the MRT. Sightseeing Singapore’s finished you. Oh yes do not forget to bring a hat and sun glasses because Singpore in the daytime so is hot, fortunately does not dusty, so a hat and sun glasses enough to protect you enjoy the Singapore of the bus open.

Day 3 holiday to Singapore. If today you go home, should the rest of your time is filled with shopping (if at all tour 2 days ago you did not buy anything). You can visit the Mall-mall along Orchard Road, or you can leave several hours early, if you go through it while waiting for departure Batam Ferry, you can stroll at Vivo City, the mall adjacent to the Harbourfront, and you can entrust Your suitcase in daycare at Harbourfront. If you go through Changi Airport, of course you can also spend time with a look-see or shop at the Transit Mall.

But if the day-to-3 are you still staying, in the morning then my suggestion is to go visit the Singapore Zoo. Do not compare Spore Taman Safari Zoo in Indonesia, the obvious difference … and Spore Zoo really small compared to TSI. But what’s interesting is how the Singapore Zoo is managed as a place of fun and pampering visitors! You can take the tram to circumnavigate the zoo or on foot, but do not worry because the available resting places with air. So if you are tired of walking, living in. wrote for a short break before the walk around again. Cool right?

But if the day-to-3 are you still staying, in the morning then my suggestion is to go visit the Singapore Zoo. Do not compare Spore Taman Safari Zoo in Indonesia, the obvious difference … and Spore Zoo really small compared to TSI. But what’s interesting is how the Singapore Zoo is managed as a place of fun and pampering visitors! You can take the tram to circumnavigate the zoo or on foot, but do not worry because the available resting places with air. So if you are tired of walking, living in. wrote for a short break before the walk around again. Cool right?


Singapore Sightseeing

Connecting my article “Singapore for the First Time” for you who choose which confused between the Spore and Spore Sightseeing Tours & Attractions, my story-in aja ya what’s the difference … let me be a consideration for you to decide.

This pass is not suitable for you who have visited Singapore several times, because the places visited so that-it wrote.

Spore Sightseeing Pass price is S $ 33 (adult) and S $ 17 (children), the packages offered:

1) City Hippotours
2) Heritage Hippotours
3) Hippo River Cruise

1) Moonlight Advanture (includes island admission price of S $ 2 but not including song of the sea at S $ 8)
2) Sentosa Rhino (not including the island admission, pay another S $ 2)

To you who are not willing to try Spore Flyer, should you buy this pass only. Because if I think the Duck Tour was not too special, 30 minute and 30 minute road trip down river. So the river route was the same with the Hippo River Cruise.

Sentosa Rhino really only free transport from Suntec to Sentosa Island alone. Therefore if you want to try a taste of other transportation, I suggest you ride it to the Harbourfront MRT from there, the way to Vivo City, up to Level 3. Can take the Sentosa Express (monorail) to Sentosa, it costs S $ 3 already includes island admission. You can also use the Sentosa Express is among the stations in the Sentosa Island.

Upshot: This pass is perfect for you who has limited time (up to 3 days) and if your budget is limited, Song of the Sea can you cross off your list! Take advantage of Sentosa Rhino to visit Sentosa Island in the morning so you can save your balance Ez Link.

Singapore Tours & Attractions Pass price is S $ 63 (adult) and S $ 33 (children), the packages offered:

1) Spore Duck Tour
2) Spore Flyer

1) City Hippotour
2) Heritage Hippotour
3) River Hippotour
4) Sentosa Rhino
5) Moonlight Advanture
6) Chinatown Heritage Centre
7) Malay Heritage Centre
8) Asian Civilization Museum
9) Spore Art Museum
10) Spore Philatelic Museum
11) Botanic / Orchid Garden

If you have plenty of time (more than 3 days), should you buy this pass so you can take advantage of all the facilities offered. But if your time is only 3 days or less, my suggestion does not have to deh … unfortunately because usually not all you can enjoy. Even if you enjoy it, chances are you do not have time to shop … and usually more activity on this one might not be missed. At least, souvenir shopping (just a by-by) is mandatory.


Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

singapore zoo

singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of the mainstay of Singapore’s tourist attractions. Supplemented by thousands of endangered species make the kids would love to see the uniqueness of each animal that they had never seen their lifetime. At the time the sun began to set, you can enjoy a different atmosphere at the Night Safari. Indeed, Indonesia had a lot of zoos, ranging from Ragunan to the Night Safari in the Safari Park – Cisarua. But the Singapore Zoo a mainstay other than the animals with a variety of attractions, Singapore Zoo also provides a vehicle for children’s play that is Rainforest Kidzworld. A wave of lively children waiting in the water play area, with themes such as wildlife parks wet dream! For a more thrilling game, both young and old can ride to the animal-themed carousel. Also available is a pony ride activity for children. This horse ride will pass through the edge of the Rainforest Kidzworld, with views of Upper Seletar Dam is stunning. After that your family can relax on a ship that circled the Upper Seletar Dam. To be able to enjoy entertainment at the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari takes 1 full day.

How to Singapore Zoo
Take the MRT to Choa Chu Kang Station (NS4), then take SMRT Bus 927 which will directly take you to the zoo. Or take the MRT to Ang Mo Kio Station (NS16), then take SBS bus 138. See MRT route map.

Ticket Prices: Singapore Zoo SGD $ 18 adults, SGD $ 9 children (3-12 years). Night Safari SGD $ 22 adults, SGD $ 11 children (3-12 years). Canal Flights Singapore Zoo and Night Safari: SGD $ 30 SGD $ 15 adults and children. Buy tickets to the Singapore Zoo here.

Opening hours: Singapore Zoo 08:30 to 18:00, Night Safari 19.30 – 23.00

my tips : while you visiting this zoo try to come by too see our apartments


Vacation to Singapore

Great Tips in your Vacation to Singapore

Vacation to Singapore

Vacation to Singapore

Vacation to Singapore

1. Use Sea route
If your intention is for a vacation to singapore, I recommend to use the sea route from Batam. Because while in Batam you can also visit some interesting places like the KTM Resort at Batam, Balerang, Kampung Vietnam, Bintan Island, Temple Hot River, Beach Nongsa, and also try some delicious sea food addition using the sea route you can save costs taxable because the fiscal costs through sea route is cheaper than air path. Oh yes do not forget also to exchange currency to the currency Rupiah Singapore Dollar. In Batam many stalls Money Changer so you can be sure it is not difficult to exchange your money. (But, in the year 2009, if already have a TIN use of aircraft is also advantageous, because the immigration queue in singapore for very crowded sea. NPWP special Why? Because there is no fiscal cost.

2. Do not Use a Tour Agent
You should not use tour agents because Singapore is very easy area to be explored. Singapore has a means of public transportation is excellent, so do not have to worry about transportation problems. Markers and maps on Singapore roads is also very easy to learn. But for you who still do not dare to go without a tour guide, you can use an existing tour services in Batam. Banya available in Batam tour service with very competitive prices.

3. Bring Drinking Water Supplies, Umbrellas, and BackPack
I strongly advise you to bring drinking water supplies you can buy in Batam as the price of potable water in Singapore is relatively more expensive. Bring at least 4 liters of water because while in Singapore you will be much the way I also menyerankan you carry an umbrella. He3 .. do not let the drizzle and the heat of the sun blocking your intention to explore the interesting places in your vacation to Singapore. So you can still feel comfortable during a walk in Singapore, sebagiknya you carry a backpack or backpack. This bag you can use to collect drinking water, umbrellas, and also some interesting stuff you might buy while visiting certain places.

4. Find a Job at the Harbour Front, or at Changi Airport
Once you arrive at the port of Singapore (Harbour Front) in your vacation to singapore take all the info about tourism in Singapore. There also you will find a map of Singapore. Save and study these maps carefully. If possible you should take at least two maps as a backup in case the map that you hold is lost or damaged. Map of Singapore is very easy to learn. In these maps also have information about interesting places what can be visited for day trips.

5. Use the MRT – Mass Rapid Transport and Bus
While you vacation to Singapore I strongly advise you to use the MRT (sub-way) and also buses. Do not be afraid, you will not really get lost because the path info MRT and bus lines is very detailed and easy to understand. Info MRT route can also be obtained from a map of Singapore. When you use the MRT and buses, you’ll be amazed because of cleanliness, order, security, and also the accuracy of the time. Really comfortable and safe to use the MRT, you can purchase tickets via MRT MRT Ticketing Machine. Use of this machine is very easy, you just set your destination station and then you will be prompted to enter an amount of money and if the amount correct, then the machine will issue a ticket. When you enter the excess money that eating machine will also issue change. MRT ticket that is used to apply passive RFID Module. Anyway really sophisticated dech In Singapore there are 3 MRT lines, the NE (North East) with a purple marker lane, NS (Nort South) with red perwarna lane marker, and EW (East West) with a green lane marker. While in Singapore, to those that existed as a lot of tourists will use an NE and NS to visit places of tourist interest

6. Find Apartments for Places Overnight
if you have plans to vacation to singapore I do not recommend staying at the hotel because the cost is quite expensive. Anyway while in Singapore you will be a lot of road. At least during the hours of 9 am until 10 pm you’ll be on the streets I recommend you to rent a room in one apartment. Easy really, you just go to Chinatown alone. There were several large apartments. I recommend to spend the night at People’s Park. There, just go to the floor 23 s.d. 25 and start asking each apartment owner whether you can rent one of their rooms. At People’s Park many kok that rent rooms to tourists and of course your costs will be much less. Fair khan least excess cost can you allocate to buy souvenirs

7. Places of Interest
Here’s some interesting places can be visited while you vacation in singapore

Orchard Road
Orchard Road is a road that is filled with malls and a few attractions of the road. The road was rather long. Along the way you can meet lots of interesting ornaments to take pictures

Botanical Garden
For you lovers of plants or those that enjoy greenery would really enjoy the beauty of the Botanical Garden. Here you can find various types of plants. One of the plants to be seeded here is the Orchid. At the Botanical Garden is a lot of research and also interbred to produce a new variant of orchids. Area Botanical Garden itself quite broad, but you do not need to worry because at the Botanical Garden you can find some point to sit around and also for drinking. Here the drinking water provided free of charge you can also drink your bottle merefill

This is the place you must visit when visiting Singapore. Marlion water is a symbol of the state lion statue Singapore. Marlion located in the City Hall. At least you have their pictures taken here to indicate you have ever visited Singapore

Esplane art gallery is located in the City Hall. Its location adjacent to the Marlion. Here you can see some art exhibitions and, sometimes, there are several free performances

Sentosa Island
Sentosa is an island which is devoted by the government of Singapore for tourism. To cross the Sentosa Island you can use the Sentosa Express monorail. The station is located at Vivo City, Harbour Front. At Sentosa there are some attractions that you can follow, there is Image of Singapore, Fort Siloso, Carlsberg Tower, Song of the Sea, Luge, SkyRider, and several other activities.

Sri Mariaman Temple
This is a Hindu temple located in the Chinatown area. You also can enter this temple and took some pictures in it. Only thing to remember here is that when entering the temple you must take off your footwear.

Bugis Junction
Here you can find many shops and selling them souvenirs. Decorative ornaments are also a good way. There is a game that is quite unique fountain here

Singapore River
Singapore River is a river located in the City Hall. You also can rent a boat untu kmenelusuri this river. The time needed to explore this river is more or less about 30 minutes. During down the river you can enjoy the beauty of Singapore and Singapore photographing scenery from the river bank. This boat trip will also be passed Marlion. While enjoying your boat trip will also be given an explanation by the guide with respect to this river and an overview of the history of some bridges across this river.


Apartment Service Singapore

Tourists Indonesia has always ranked first in the visit to Singapore and is steadily increasing every year. Supported by the operation of low-cost airlines (low cost carrier) to Singapore direct from major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung and Denpasar. Even airlines that have opened local flights to Singapore continue to grow that number by following the entry of Batavia Air Lion Air Sriwijaya and who had already been opened flights from Jakarta to Singapore.

Singapore does have a remarkable attraction. Although this city state is no greater magnitude than Jakarta, but Singapore will always have something new and attract tourists to come and come back to Singapore ……

Apartment service singapore

For you who visit Singapore for business, tourism, medical treatment or just transiting you definitely need a place to spend the night. Lots of places to stay are easily found in every corner of Singapore from hostels to five-star hotel. Which one you choose of course depending on your taste, needs and budget. If you travel with a total of more than 3 people, if you are looking for a strategic place, easily accessible by public transport, or you are looking at other options besides the hotel then the answer is right for you is RENT APARTMENT

Why do you need to consider this option? There are many apartments like: Lucky Plaza Apartment, Centrepoint Apartment, Kimsia Court Residence, terrace house and Thongsia Building. All these places are adjacent to Orchard Road, Singapore‘s most famous street!
Now there are easy and cheap way to book / lease apartments in Singapore. Do not need SLI and can consult an apartment where a suitable and appropriate to your needs and your budget, especially for your first time to Singapore. Payment of deposit (booking fee) can be done by way of transfer to the BCA, easier, faster and cheaper of course. come on are you waiting for, hurry up order now.