Singapore Sightseeing

Connecting my article “Singapore for the First Time” for you who choose which confused between the Spore and Spore Sightseeing Tours & Attractions, my story-in aja ya what’s the difference … let me be a consideration for you to decide.

This pass is not suitable for you who have visited Singapore several times, because the places visited so that-it wrote.

Spore Sightseeing Pass price is S $ 33 (adult) and S $ 17 (children), the packages offered:

1) City Hippotours
2) Heritage Hippotours
3) Hippo River Cruise

1) Moonlight Advanture (includes island admission price of S $ 2 but not including song of the sea at S $ 8)
2) Sentosa Rhino (not including the island admission, pay another S $ 2)

To you who are not willing to try Spore Flyer, should you buy this pass only. Because if I think the Duck Tour was not too special, 30 minute and 30 minute road trip down river. So the river route was the same with the Hippo River Cruise.

Sentosa Rhino really only free transport from Suntec to Sentosa Island alone. Therefore if you want to try a taste of other transportation, I suggest you ride it to the Harbourfront MRT from there, the way to Vivo City, up to Level 3. Can take the Sentosa Express (monorail) to Sentosa, it costs S $ 3 already includes island admission. You can also use the Sentosa Express is among the stations in the Sentosa Island.

Upshot: This pass is perfect for you who has limited time (up to 3 days) and if your budget is limited, Song of the Sea can you cross off your list! Take advantage of Sentosa Rhino to visit Sentosa Island in the morning so you can save your balance Ez Link.

Singapore Tours & Attractions Pass price is S $ 63 (adult) and S $ 33 (children), the packages offered:

1) Spore Duck Tour
2) Spore Flyer

1) City Hippotour
2) Heritage Hippotour
3) River Hippotour
4) Sentosa Rhino
5) Moonlight Advanture
6) Chinatown Heritage Centre
7) Malay Heritage Centre
8) Asian Civilization Museum
9) Spore Art Museum
10) Spore Philatelic Museum
11) Botanic / Orchid Garden

If you have plenty of time (more than 3 days), should you buy this pass so you can take advantage of all the facilities offered. But if your time is only 3 days or less, my suggestion does not have to deh … unfortunately because usually not all you can enjoy. Even if you enjoy it, chances are you do not have time to shop … and usually more activity on this one might not be missed. At least, souvenir shopping (just a by-by) is mandatory.

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